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Premium Club

Σχετικά με το πρόγραμμα

Ventouris Ferries Premium Club is rewarding the loyalty of our customers giving the opportunity to earn and to spend points, enjoy discounts and benefits to our Vessels.

Οροι και Προϋποθέσεις

1. Γενικοί Όροι

Ventouris Ferries Premium Club created by shipping company Ventouris Ferries , which is headquartered in 17, Grig. Lampraki Str., Piraeus, is a reward program that provides offers, benefits and services to passengers who travel frequently through the collection and redemption of Points. The terms and conditions of the Program regulate the legal relationship between Ventouris Ferries and members, the mode of participation in the Program, as well as the manner in which Points are collected and redeemed against specified awards. These Terms may be amended unilaterally by Ventouris Ferries at any time at its discretion and without previous notice. Ventouris Ferries will notify Members of any changes to the Terms by republishing them in subsequent versions thereof. Ventouris Ferries reserves the right to unilaterally alter the above data, without prior notice at any time. In this case these changes will be immediately notified to customers via Ventouris Ferries website and any relevant printed material. Ventouris Ferries reserves the right at its own private discretion to cancel all Member’s Points, offers, as well as the entire membership in case of violation of the Terms by the Member.

2. Συμμετοχή

All individuals over 18 years of age are entitled to participate in the Program. Legal entities, companies and sole proprietorships of all kinds do not qualify for Membership. Participation in the Program is strictly personal and cannot be transferred or assigned by the Member to any third party. Registration is accomplished via applying online on Ventouris Ferries website: The applicant fills out the online application form and sends it electronically. He/she immediately receives, the Ventouris Ferries Premium club Card via an e-mail, with the Account Number and Password. Each Account Number is unique and solely reliable to confirm, through the account information provided, the account status of each member of the Program, superseding any element imprinted on the card, including the expiration date. The Account Number, the Password and the Ventouris Ferries Premium card enable the Member to collect and redeem miles. By completing the membership application, the Members are deemed to fully and unconditionally accept the Terms. During the Program registration process, the Member is required to enter his/her full name in Latin characters, as written in his/her travel certification paper(s) (identity card or passport). Ventouris Ferries may, at its discretion, accept or reject any application for participation. Each Member can maintain only one personal account to accumulate Points. In the event he/she holds two or more Accounts, only the older one shall remain valid, whereas all the others will be cancelled and any Miles amassed in them will be removed. If the Member wishes to discontinue his/her participation in the Program, he/she shall have to declare it in writing. After processing the request, the Account will be automatically cancelled. The Account and the Points will be automatically cancelled in the case of the Member’s demise.

3. Cards

  1. Any card is personal, cannot be transferred or assigned, contains the name of the beneficiary-Member and the number of the card. The card belongs always in the property of Ventouris Ferries, which reserves the right to withdraw or invalidate or/and replace it. The card is not a credit card and cannot be used as an identity card in case of ticket’s control.
  2. In case of loss, theft or destruction of the Card, the Member must to inform immediately Ventouris Ferries in writing either by e-mail or by fax. In this case, the card will be invalidated and a card with a new number will be issued, to which the rest of the already collected points will be transferred.

4. Collecting Points

  1. In order that points are credited to a Member’s account, a trip has to be made by the member himself with coincidence of the particulars of the member and of the person who embarks.
  2. The points are collected and recorded. No points will be given to the free tickets or to tickets of special offers or to counter change of services or to tickets of group booking (groups). The members earn 10 points for every 1 euro of the value of the ticket. So for a ticket of 50 euro the member collect 500 points!
  3. Members cannot transfer the points by any means or to assign them to any third person, and no adding of points with those of another member is allowed, for an offer to be received in common with another member of the program.
  4. The points have no commercial value, and cannot be exchanged with money, under no circumstances. Any sale or exchange etc of points or of special offers is automatically considered as null and void.
  5. In case of cancellation of the Program according to the General Conditions, all points collected are automatically invalidated and they cannot be exchanged with any offers.
  6. Any passenger-Member of the Program will have to present his card Number with his Identity card or Passport to the Chief Purser’s Office on board.
  7. The points that have been collected will appear on the member’s Account after the completion of the trip. Each member can be informed of the points collected from the on-line administration Ventouris Ferries through the web site
  8. In case points, which should have been credited in the member’s Account, are not credited, you are kindly requested to provide us with the ticket clipping for the relevant trip. Objections regarding the status of accounts of points will have to be communicated to Ventouris Ferries within one (1) month, starting from the day at which the member alleges that these points should had been credited to his account, otherwise, the points will be lost.

5. Reward Levels

  1. The members have to collect the required amount of points which are necessary for the exchange/cashing of a ticket-offer, according to the current reward tables , as they appear in the official web site of VENTOURIS FERRIES in the place Premium Club. A member is able to cash points with discount tickets according to the following table.
  2. All discounted tickets are offered according to availability and according to the Rules and Regulations ruling the program at the specific time period.
  3. Points Discount:

    — 2000 10%
    — 4000 20%
    — 6000 30%
    — 8000 40%
    — 10000 50%

  4. All discounted tickets are offered according to availability and according to the Rules and Regulations ruling the program at the specific time period.
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